Day 1

  • What did you do today?
    • Today we carried out the first experiment which was to Extract Caffeine from Green Tea/Black Tea. I was assigned the Black Tea, and we went through the process of first making the tea, then using various procedures such as evaporation, rotary evaporation and spectrography to extract caffeine and examine its purity.

  • What did you learn today?
    • I have learnt about the positive and negative effects of Caffeine. 
    • Positive Effects include: Relieving of Drowsiness and making us feel more Energetic
    • Negative Effects include: Stress, Increased Heart Rate, Depression, Hallucinations and even Death
    • I also learnt how much Caffeine can be found in 16g of tea, which isn't exactly a lot (a small bunch of caffeine roughly the size of your fingertips)
  • How do you feel about today’s activities
    • I think this project has taught me that carrying out a science experiment requires a lot of patience as it is a very tedious and meticulous process
    • I feel that today, our experiment went quite well as we finished it and obtained our results faster than most groups, and the processes in between has definitely helped me understand what it's like to carry out experiments in a laboratory. Today's session has also helped me to get to know my group mates better.

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