Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Our Team

Group Members: Xuan Yi, Caleb, Rachelle, Choon Wee

Link to our group presentation: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1mUhxNCPz5VCXxN_rTrNv8-h786Hefd3it6c6EORx3yM/edit#slide=id.p

  •  Basically, our project will be about the extraction of caffeine from Tea/Coffee and extracting the artificial food colouring from sweets and tidbits (M&M candies).
        Caffeine( C8H10N4O2) is a stimulant which is naturally found in tea, coffee & kola nuts. It is considered as a legal drug which is well known for being able to keep us energetic and prevent us from falling asleep.
    In this project, we will be using Solvent Extraction and the Rotary Evaporator in order to extract the caffeine from tea.

        Food colouring is typically used for enhancing aesthetic appeal of food and making them more colourful, rather than providing nutrition value. These artificial colourings are subjected to government safety regulations in order to ensure that the types of artificial colourings used are safe for consumption and legal.

        In this project, we will be using wool as a binding agent to aid us in the extraction of the artificial colourings from the M&M candies.
  • Referring to the Project Manual, describe what the group needs to accomplish by the end of the project
  • Post photographs you recorded during the project
    • Minimum 1 per day
    • Include all members (individual or group pictures)
  • Post videos you recorded during the project
  • If it is a REPORT, copy and paste the findings. It may include
    • Tables of data, observations
    • Photographs/videoclips that support/illustrate your findings/end-product
    • Alternatively, if the report comes in the form of a document, you may convert the report into images and post them.
  • If it is a PRODUCT (e.g. a model/drawing), take photos/videoclips to showcase your end-product
    • Captions/Brief descriptions should be added to explain what is shown
  • If it is a SOFTWARE-related product (e.g. an animation, game), use Quicktime Player to record the key features of the product so that the reader has an idea how the product works
    • Captions/Brief descriptions should be added to explain what is shown
  • On Day 3, the group will be presenting the project findings/products
    • Embed slides/clips created and used for the presentation here
  • Finally, as a group,
    • Discuss possible limitations/restrictions to your project, experiment or product
    • Suggest possible improvements that could be made
Other discussed questions
  • Include any other questions, discussions or learning points that may have been raised during the course of the project